When Should You Work Out?

Is there a better time of the day to work out and does it make any difference? You may prefer one option at the moment but as your life changes, your answer may too! The most important thing isn’t necessarily the timing, but rather the consistency, of your workouts.


The best time to workout is the time you’ll actually do it!
If you are NOT a morning person, an early morning workout may not be right for you.
Some people find they come alive in the evenings, and enjoy working out after a long, stressful day at work. Others may find that if they don’t do it first thing in the morning they won’t do it at all because the rest of the day gets too hectic, so experiment and to be open to change.
You may need to break up your workout time in order to make it fit for you. Maybe a 10-15 minute session in the morning, afternoon and evening works better for your day. There are plenty of options!

If you do decide that a morning workout is best for you, make sure to roll your bedtime back early enough to ensure you are still getting plenty of quality sleep. Otherwise your workout may not be doing as much good since not getting enough sleep can actually cause weight gain and could have a negative affect on your energy level and ability to complete your workout to the best of your ability.