Face Shape & Applying Blusher

Everyone has a different face shape and this video will show you 4 different ways to apply blusher for your face shape – whatever that shape might be. Remember though, its only make-up and feel free to use whatever technique you like!


Blusher can transform your look, but many women are nervous about using it.

  • To choose the right shade, choose one that matches your cheeks when flushed. Or match your cheeks to your lip colour.
  • As a rule, fair skin looks great in rose and peach and darker skin suits apricot or red.
  • Before you buy blusher, test it in natural light.
  • If you are prone to oily skin, use a powder blusher instead. Always use a brush to apply it and make sure you tap off any excess so you don’t put on too much. Powder is best for oily skin, while cream is better for dry skin.