Exercise Circuit

This is a great exercise circuit to keep you in shape. Remember that if you are exercising on hot and humid days, it can feel overwhelming, so we have some tips to help you get through your workouts. It’s time to get moving!


Some tips to help you get through your workouts:

  • Be flexible about when you work out and find out when temperatures are going to be the lowest that day.
    Sometimes it’s early in the morning, and sometimes late in the evening, so fit in exercise during the coolest time of day.
  • Lightweight, breathable, wicking clothes are a must.
    They’ll pull moisture away from your skin, so you really do feel cooler.
  • Wearing a hat to keep the hot sun off your head and face also helps.
  • On really hot and humid days, choose cooler cardio activities like biking in the wind or swimming.
  • Staying hydrated will help prevent some of the symptoms you may experience from exercising in heat such as dizziness, stomach cramps, and headaches.