Get Smooth Feet

No one really sees your feet until it’s time to slip on a pair of open-toe shoes or sandals, which explains why we pay so little attention to them in the winter. This foot care routine will show you how to get smooth feet at home. If you follow these tips you’ll have soft and beautiful feet naturally!


Some Tips

  • Exfoliate rough skin and get rid of the calluses of winter. With the dryness of our feet during the winter, sometimes our feet become rough and cracked! A salt or homemade sugar scrub and a good old-fashioned pumice stone will do the trick! The best place to do this is in the shower.
  • Winter and long hot baths can sap the moisture in your feet. For summer, try taking shorter, cooler baths/showers and apply a heavy moisturising cream right after, to lock in the moisture. If you can tolerate it, sleeping in socks (better yet, try aloe infused socks) after moisturising to ensure you wake up with baby soft feet.
  • The skin on the tops of your feet is thin and prone to sun exposure while wearing sandals. After being undercover all winter, feet are especially prone to sunburn. Be sure to protect your feet with sunscreen. Skin cancer can affect
    any part of the body, including the feet.