Do You Need An Activity Tracker?

These days digital devices are changing the way we view our workouts, food and even sleep! There are some pretty amazing gadgets that can track everything from your calorie burn, step count and even sleep cycles, but how much good are they really doing you? It can be helpful to track calories, distance, heart rate, and so on, and it can help you lose weight (especially if you had no previous idea of how many calories you were eating and/or not burning off), but if you’ve been using your device for awhile and the scale seems stuck, focusing all your attention on those numbers could be hindering your progress rather than helping it.

Do You Need An Activity Tracker?


Activity Trackers 2020


Are we losing touch with our body’s true signals by placing too much importance on what that wristband says?

If you start tuning into your body you will be able to find the right balance of work, play, food, rest and movement that make you feel healthy, happy and full of energy.

To get to that place where losing weight simply becomes a positive outcome of a positive life, you may need to ignore what the numbers and data say to truly find what makes your body, mind and spirit feel the absolute best.