Reduce Stress To Lose Weight

Did you know that stress relief is crucial to any weight-loss efforts? Recent studies show that health related issues are the number one cause of stress. Unfortunately when we are stressed we tend to eat badly which will make our health problems worse. When we are under stress hormone and chemical changes occur in the brain that drive emotional hunger. This is different to physical hunger telling our bodies we need food as fuel. Emotional hunger comes on suddenly, and you typically crave a particular food that you need instantly. With physical hunger you will eat anything.

When we are under emotional stress, hormones like cortisol and insulin get elevated. These hormones will cause us to crave foods that are high in saturated fats or refined sugars. The cortisol will cause these foods to be broken down and stored as belly fat.
Finding ways to relieve stress in your body has to become another of your healthy habits. Weight-loss expert Nicci MIcco suggests deep breathing, exercise and sleeping more as ways you can reduce your stress and slim down.

Foods to fight off the effects of stress and help a bad mood

  • Protein is likely to keep your blood sugars more steady throughout the day, and fend off the craving of carbohydrates, refined sugar and fats that occur with stress.
  • Foods rich in Omega 3 healthy fats won’t cause weight gain. They actually promote weight loss and improved mood – especially under stress. Examples of foods rich in omega-3 are: almonds, flax seed, salmon, walnuts, and avocado.