Maintain Your Ideal Weight

It takes hard work to lose weight not just physically, but mentally as well and sometimes keeping it off can be harder than actually losing the weight. It’s all too easy to go back to old habits that let the weight creep on in the first place. When you’ve reached your goal weight, celebrate your success and then use these tips to maintain the new, leaner you!


There are a number of ways you can keep the weight off and these tips might be just what you need to tip the scales back in your favour.


Some Tips

  • Remember to eat slowly and and hold think about all of your food choices.
  • Building muscle is essential to maintaining your metabolism and maintain your weight loss. Starting a strength-training programme, will help boost your metabolic rate.
  • Although it’s important to be aware of where your calories are coming from, you can indulge a bit more than when you were trying to lose weight, so allow yourself some treats.
  • Sleeping seven to nine hours per night is still a must to avoid excess calories and keep your metabolism strong.