5 Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is one of today’s top super foods and has many health benefits. You can easily implement it into your life to increase circulation, aid in digestion, prevent muscle cramps, reduce nausea and even relieve pain.


Cold Prevention And Treatment

Cold and ‘flu prevention and treatment – Ginger can be used to treat symptoms of cold and flu, especially when added to honey and lemon juice. For many people ginger tea works to boost immune system during the cold and ‘flu season, however if you do contract a cold or ‘flu, warm ginger tea helps heal the body better then many over-the-counter medications.


Health Benefits

Health Benefits

  • Ginger relieves nausea and the symptoms of nausea from common stomach bugs or ‘flu.
  • Arthritis – ginger can help relieve inflammation and pain without the side effects of many anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Ginger can improve digestion as it helps to neutralize acids and stimulates secretion of digestive juices to improve digestion. For immediate relief from any indigestion disorders drink one cup of ginger tea or 6 ounces of ginger beer.
  • Ginger reduces respiratory problems as it is a good expectorant, effective in combating various respiratory problems such as colds, coughs, ‘flu, asthma and shortness of breath.
  • Ginger soothes a queasy stomach and has no side effects. To prevent motion sickness, drink a cup of ginger tea or take three to four capsules of ginger before a car or cruise.
  • Ginger lowers cholesterol levels by interfering with cholesterol biosynthesis. These effects may prevent blockages in the blood vessels which can lead to a heart attack or stroke
  • Migraines – Because ginger is an anti-inflammatory it doesn’t allow the blood vessels to become inflamed and this is what eliminates or greatly reduces the headache. It’s important to take ginger as soon as you feel a headache coming on, this will help it to act quickly and prevent the headache from turning into a migraine. Take two to three capsules of powdered ginger or eat several slices of fresh ginger – you can also mix it with your food. This will help to prevent a migraine from fully developing.
  • Ginger may have an effect on blood clots that is similar to that of aspirin and unlike aspirin, ginger has a calming affect on your stomach.