Camouflage A Big Stomach

We all live in hope of owning a perfect flat tummy but the reality is often very different. But there is good news; tummies can be easy to hide and this video gives you some style advice and shopping tips on what to wear to minimize a belly.


Draw attention away from your tummy to your best assets – a low neckline or wrap top will flatter your bust, and a short hemline will show off shapely legs. Tops that skim rather than cling and fall from below the bust, or structured bottoms that flare from the waist create the illusion of a flatter tummy. And of course, shape wear works wonders!

Follow these simple steps which will highlight the beautiful things about your body and draw the attention away from your stomach:

  1. Avoid tight clothes over the stomach area! Highlight your strengths and draw attention away from your weaknesses, which in this case is the stomach.
  2. Layering works like magic when you need to hide your stomach. If you wear several layers or add a modern jacket that emphasizes a vertical line, your stomach won’t even be noticeable.
  3. Stay away from belts as they emphasize your tummy. Go for a statement necklace instead that will draw the attention elsewhere or pick tops and blouses with details around the upper half of the body (shoulders and neck-line).
  4. Draping is great. Go for clothes, whether a top or a dress that is draped over the stomach area.
  5. Go for darker colours – not just black, you can try other dark shades as well. If you like to wear prints and patterns, it’s totally fine, as long as it’s nothing too extravagant.
  6. Don’t go for clingy material, instead go for firmer fabrics that are structured with a little lycra.