Eye Liner Tips

The results of new research has found that a bad technique could cause eye problems. The results suggest that wearing eye liner on the rim may be a bad idea for people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes as it could set you up for an eye infection.

How To Apply Eyeliner


Easy Winged Eyeliner

A winged cat eye look can be a really hard look to master. This video has some tips that can make your wings even every time.


By applying eyeliner on the lash line you run the risk of it coming in contact with your eye and if this happens regularly, it could lead to your eye becoming irritable, red and in some cases swollen where the chemicals in the make-up have made contact with the eye.

Some Suggestions

  • Applying your eyeliner outside of the lash line can minimise your risk of scratching the eye, or getting an infection.
  • Dab concealer just below your lash line to keep liner in place.
  • Get the perfect winged eyeliner by outlining a triangle on the corner of your eye and filling it in.
  • If you struggle to get a perfect line – Do  the best you can and then smudge it out with a cotton bud dipped in Vaseline.
  • Draw a line of little black dots and then join them together.
  • Get the perfect flick by positioning a spoon on its side on your eye socket and tracing it with your pen.