Low Fat Raspberry Trifle

This divine, low fat, raspberry trifle is easy to make, and it’s almost fat free! You can make this low fat trifle with a few simple tricks.


~ Low Fat Raspberry Trifle Recipe ~

This recipe serves 16 so if you need less than this you can easily cut this recipe in half. Simply bake the cake as directed on package and freeze one cake to use later. Use half the ingredients, and layer them in a smaller serving bowl.


  • 1 white angel food cake mix
  • 1 1/4 cups cold water
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 box (8-serving size) sugar free raspberry flavoured gelatin
  • 2 packages (10 oz each) frozen sweetened raspberries, thawed
  • 3 containers (6 oz each) raspberry yogurt


  1. Move oven rack to lowest position (remove other racks).
  2. Heat oven to 350°F.
  3. In a large glass or metal bowl, beat cake mix and cold
    water on low speed 30 seconds; beat on medium speed 1 minute.
  4. Pour into ungreased 10-inch round baking pan.
  5. Bake for 37 to 47 minutes or until top is dark golden brown and not sticky. Do not underbake.
  6. Immediately turn pan upside down onto a plate until cake is completely cool (about 1 hour).
  7. Run a knife around edges; remove from pan.
  8. Tear cake into about 3/4-inch pieces.
  9. Pour boiling water on gelatin in large bowl; stir until gelatin is dissolved. and add the raspberries. Reserve some for garnish.
  10. Refrigerate gelatin mixture about 15 minutes or until thickened but not set.
  11. Layer half of the cake pieces, gelatin mixture and yogurt in a glass bowl and repeat this to make two trifles. Garnish with reserved raspberries.
  12. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours until firm.

Serves 16 – Nutrition Per Serving
Calories: 180, Fat: 0g, Carbohydrate: 40g, Fibre: 1g, Sugar: 30g, Protein: 5g