Love Your Abs Routine

This workout is all about abs! Try this routine to tone and sculpt your entire core to give you a flat tummy. You’ll slim your waistline, tighten your lower abs, and work all those hard-to-reach places in between!


Workout Moves:

1. Tipsy
2. Love Triangle
3. Waistline Cinch
4. Side Plank Swivel
5. Downward Dog Tummy Tuck
6. Draw Your Heart
7. Cupid Crunch

The most efficient way to lose fat on your stomach is not to work on your stomach muscles but instead try to burn as many calories as possible with total body strength training or HIIT routines combined with an appropriate (for you) diet.

flat stomach

This workout is fairly short and helps to give you a tight, strong core which can help you improve your form and ability to do hundreds of other exercises and everyday life activities.