Effective Upper Body Workout

This is a short, fast, and effective upper body workout, coming in at well under ten minutes. You won’t need a single piece of equipment in order to get this one done – Which leaves you without any excuses at all not to give it a shot. The key to this kind of toning workout is that you must push yourself throughout the entire thing.


This is a routine where you have to focus on contracting the muscles throughout your entire body (particularly the upper body muscles in this case) in order to get the most benefit. This creates a difficulty level for each movement that is specific and appropriate to each individual. So even an experienced exerciser should find some of the motions (the ones where you are working against yourself) as difficult as someone who is brand new to any kind of physical activity.


There are ten different bodyweight exercises for the upper body.

  • Each exercise lasts for just 30 seconds before moving immediately into the next interval.
  • This is a fast moving video with no rest periods at all.
  • As the workout goes directly from one exercise to another, watch the top left corner of the video towards the end of each 30 second interval for a preview of the upcoming move.