Can You Workout Too Much?

When it comes to having too much of a good thing, exercise is a prime example. Any healthy activity can be dangerous when taken to an extreme or done in excess. In general, adults should get around 5 hours a week of moderate exercise or 2½ hours of more intense activity. But research shows that going above and beyond this doesn’t increase your health benefits.


Some signs that you are working out too much:

  • You feel anxious, depressed or guilty if you can’t find the time to exercise every day.
  • You get really annoyed when things like the weather, surprise dinner dates or illness, interferes with your exercise regime.
  • You arrange work meetings, social obligations and family engagements around your rigid exercise schedule.
  • You cancel work meetings, social obligations and family engagements to exercise.
  • You judge your day as “good” or “bad” based on how much you exercise.
  • You exercise even when you’re sick, tired or exhausted.
  • You feel worse instead of better after your workouts.
  • You only exercise alone because others slow down your progress, intensity and calorie burning.
  • You exercise to compensate for overeating (or simply eating).
  • You get sick frequently and can’t seem to recover.

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