Calorie Burning Cardio Workout

These exercises can be done by a wide range of people, from beginner to advanced, with only minimal alterations. This total body workout takes about 20 minutes and will burn calories and increase your metabolism to help you achieve your weightloss and fitness goals. There are low impact and no jumping alternatives for every exercise, so it can be done by a beginner if you follow along and take rest when needed.


If you are a beginner you may need to alter the exercises by limiting your range of motion and your speed. By doing both you can dramatically decrease the difficulty of each exercise. Just take your time and move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

If you are an advanced exerciser and concerned that a low impact workout will not be challenging enough for you then there are some easy modifications you can use to make any exercise more difficult.

  • Be sure you are doing every motion with as much range of motion as your body will comfortably allow. Once you are at your maximum range of motion start to speed up the motion to as fast as you can control especially if you are still using just bodyweight.
  • You can also add extra resistance. By simply adding wrist and/or ankle weights you can drastically change the difficulty of an exercise with just a few extra pounds.
  • If you still need more of a challenge then just increase the weight, just be sure not to sacrifice form for more weight.
  • Lastly if you don’t want to add extra weight then you can also increase the difficulty of any movement by contracting all of the muscles in your body so that they are working against each other. For example while doing a jumping jack make sure you are both pulling and pushing your arms simultaneously throughout the entire motion. This goes for every other muscle in your body as well.

By simply working against yourself in every movement you can easily increase the difficulty of the exercise, though it will be more for cardiovascular and toning effects than for strength.