Butt And Thigh Workout

In under 5 minutes, this butt and thigh workout thoroughly engages your muscles for a quick and effective burnout style routine. If you have any doubt that you can see benefits from a quick 5 minute workout, try this one to see for yourself.


Because of the work to rest ratio, you’re going to feel these exercises in your muscles very quickly. Because this works your muscles intensely, you will want to make sure that you do a warm up before you start (and a cool down and stretch when you finish).

You can use this as a quick routine by itself, or you can add it onto the end of a cardio or butt and thigh strength workout to really finish off those lower body muscles.

You don’t want to do this workout on sore muscles; do it every other day at the most.

You can make this more difficult by holding onto weights; just make sure that your form stays on point.