Body Toning Office Workout

The more you sit, the fewer calories you’re burning. When you are sitting, the activity in your muscles drops and the calorie-burning rate decreases. This workout is an amazing head-to-toe stretching series that was created in order to engage your core, align your spine, increase oxygen to your body, and maximize circulation through a unique combination of total-body stretching exercises.


Get Better Posture

  • Make sure your seat height is at a level where you feet can sit flat on the floor. Not just the balls of your feet, the entire foot should be able to touch the floor; and try not to cross your legs or sit on one foot tucked under your buttock while you are at your desk.
  • Apparently sitting at a 135 degree angle is the magic number for postural benefits.

Combat Afternoon Drowsiness

  • Try sitting tall and extending one arm towards the ceiling and inhale. Imagine that you are trying to reach for a high apple on a tree branch and once you reach as far as you can, maintain the reach and slowly exhale with the intention of sending your hip and thigh down into your chair.
  • Try that two times on each side as this helps to release tension in your diaphragm.
  • Sitting compresses the diaphragm and if you don’t ever adjust your posture while you sit, you take in less oxygen with each breath you take.┬áThat’s why you feel tired in the middle of the day.