Age & Exercise

You might find yourself more motivated to exercise as you get older to help ward off chronic diseases, control excess weight and stay active for life. Regular exercise can improve your health no matter what your age, but as you get older, you might notice changes that affect your activity level. Muscle mass begins to decrease as you age, which can throw off your balance as well as slow your metabolism.


Your energy levels might decrease with age, making the idea of working out unappealing. But if you keep up with your workouts, you can actually improve your energy level and mood.

Regular exercise can enhance the health of your cardiovascular system, helping your body to circulate your blood more efficiently and boost your energy throughout the day.

Exercise can ward off depression and stress and help you sleep better, and all of these benefits will motivate you to get more activity into your life as you age.

  • No matter what your fitness level, mood or motivation, regular exercise can help you stay active for life.
  • Change your routine according to your concerns as you age. For instance, to help with balance, take up yoga or tai chi. Take a dance class to strengthen your bones, or go for a daily jog to improve your heart health and boost your mood.

Don’t let age keep you from the activities you enjoy, and look for exercises that are appropriate for your fitness level and goals.