Low Calorie Diet Meal Plan

Low-calorie diets can help you achieve your short-term goals and really should be alternated with intervals of slightly greater caloric intakes to attain long-term goals. Include foods from all the groups, ensuring you take in at least a portion from the recommended daily consumption of carbohydrates, protein, body fat, vitamins and minerals. The healthy dinners in the video are all under 500 calories.


Breakfast is important to help lower hunger later within the day and avoid eating too much, as well as regulate levels of insulin in the body. Skipping breakfast every day can actually cause weight gain and reduce energy levels. Eat a breakfast every day that is both wholesome and satisfying. Breakfast every day options include; oat meal, yogurt, fresh fruit, low-fat cottage type cheese, skim milk as well as whole-wheat toast.

Lots of people prefer lunches to become portable to fit into active lifestyles. Simple lunch options consist of sandwiches and pita wallets.
Chicken and grape salad, stuffed pittas, tuna and salad on whole wheat bread, turkey snacks with light mayo and low fat provolone cheese, as well as cucumber sandwiches are all simple low-calorie lunch options.

Dinner ought to be a light but wholesome meal. Skinless chicken white meat with mixed veggies, sirloin steak medallions with a green spinach salad, and barbequed tuna with a three-bean greens are good dinner choices.

Almonds, walnuts as well as Brazil nuts help to make good snacks.
Fruit such as apples, apricots, plums, bananas as well as pears are also good selections for snacking.
Vegetables such as celery, carrots, radishes, spinach and cauliflower are not only low-calorie treats, but provide an enormous amount of nutritional vitamins.
Make every calorie count, eat just those things that are both low calorie and nutritious.

A meal plan can be simply created if you choose foods that are lower in calories, instead of their own high-calorie counterparts e.g low fat cottage cheese instead of normal cottage cheese. Keep portion sizes small to eliminate extra calories.