Keep Hunger At Bay

When you’re dieting, you shouldn’t ever feel hungry. In fact, if you are hungry, you should consider eating more! The perfect diet plan for weight loss isn’t about starving yourself, or depriving yourself of the essential foods you need to function at your prime. It’s not even about counting calories – Instead, the right way to eat in a healthy way means swapping the foods that are bad for you, and replacing them with foods that are good for you. Even if you don’t reduce your food intake by that much, you may have an adjustment period. If you’ve been used to eating large quantities of the wrong kind of food, you might go through a kind of withdrawal period once you begin eating healthily.


There are ways to combat these hunger pains, without giving in to the urge to binge. Here are a few techniques you should incorporate into your diet plan to lose weight:

Drink Water
You should be drinking plenty of water once you start your eating plan. Your body can often misinterpret thirst for hunger, actually causing your stomach to growl.
So before you reach for something more to eat check to see how much water you’ve had to drink. If you haven’t had enough for the day, drink plenty of water before you have anything else to eat.

Eat Healthy Fats
You can eat fat while you are on a diet. Healthy fats include olive oil, organic butter, coconut oil, raw nuts, nut butters, and avocadoes.

These healthy fats will help contribute to a feeling of satiety between meals, as well as give you the essential fatty acids you need to function
at your best.

Eat Lots of Fibreavocado
Including high amounts of fibre in your diet helps while you are trying to reduce your weight for two reasons.

  1. Fibre keeps you from becoming constipated, which can happen when you make a sudden dietary change—even if that change is for the better.
  2. Fibre helps you feel full more quickly, and will help you remain that way between meals.

As a rule, you should consider including a serving of fibre with every meal. Include your favourite type of green vegetable with meals, such as a salad or celery sticks.

Stay Active
Exercising can have a huge impact on the success of your eating plan and how hungry you feel. No matter how you choose to get and stay active, it will make your metabolism more efficient, allowing you to continue burning calories several hours after your workout has ended. So while you are working on eating a better diet, find ways to incorporate active movement into your daily routine. You’ll train your body to burn calories more efficiently over time.