Healthy Diet – Wine

You’ve probably heard that wine and other types of alcohol can be good for your heart, but that’s only if you enjoy it in moderation. Pouring a 5-ounce serving of wine isn’t easy. And most of us get it wrong, according to one study.

How To Pour The Right Portion Size

So, if it is not as easy as it may seem, how do you get the right 123 calorie portion size?


Is Red Wine Good For You?



  • The portion size for wine is one 5 ounce glass per day for women and for men it’s two glasses. Drinking more than that can undo the health benefits of alcohol and sabotage your diet.
  • A glass of wine has about a hundred and twenty-three calories and a recent study found most of us pour far more than we should.
  • Use a narrow white wine glass rather than a wider red wine glass. If you are using a red wine glass, stop before you get to the widest part of the glass and set it down before you pour.
  • Slow down and savour your drink and alternate sips of wine with sips of water – This simple strategy will make you less likely to pour out a second glass of wine and help you stay hydrated.
  • 1 standard 750 millilitre wine bottle has five 5 ounce glasses.