6 Ways To Feel Full & Eat Less

You may think that cutting calories is all about hard work and sacrifice but it doesn’t have to be. Today we have six tricks that will fool you into eating less and feeling just as full.


  1. Use a plate with a large decorative border. Researchers found a decorative pattern around the rim helps visually reduce the size of the plate and that may prompt you to serve yourself less food and fewer calories. Apparently this is because people don’t like serving food over the margin of the plate.
  2. Eat from smaller plates, downsizing from a twelve-inch to a 10 inch plate can trick you into eating 20% less.
  3. Another idea is to use plates that are a very similar colour to your tablecloth or place mats. One study found that diners who did that served themselves less food.
  4. Try using a larger fork, another study found this encouraged restaurant diners to eat about 10 percent less.
  5. Make tempting foods inconvenient, hide crisps in the back of the pantry and bury ice cream under the frozen vegetables out of sight. If you can’t see it you less likely to eat it!
  6. Dish out dinner in the kitchen and then put the rest away.