Plus Sized Bathing Suits

This is the time of year when many people are thinking about their holidays. These plus size fashion tips are all about bathing suits and this video will give you some ideas to think about.


Here are the suggestions made for your shape:

  1. PEAR – Focus on patterns and textures on and around your bust area to balance out your wide hips, visually. Don’t wear solid coloured tops with patterned bottoms, it’ll only place greater emphasis on your wide hips!
  2. APPLE – Focus on wearing patterns and detailing on the bottom part of your bathing suit, to avoid placing too much attention on your large chest and stomach area, to balance you out visually!
  3. RECTANGULAR – Go for bathing suits that create emphasis on your midsection/waistline to cause a streamlining effect. Wear color blocking patterns, to create attention to both sections of your body
  4. HOURGLASS – Choose one scheme throughout the entire bathing suit, to maintain equal focus on your upper and lower portions (ex. a pattern only suit or solid only suit)


General Things To Remember:

  • Rock what you’ve got!
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else you see on the beach!
  • Wear what makes YOU feel comfortable AND confident
  • Ruching can have a slimming effect, depending on where it’s located, it can also have an enlarging effect as well.
  • Wear colours that compliment your skin tone!