Dress For Your Body Shape

Going out can be the ideal time to get glammed up and you could even treat yourself to a brand new dress, but if you want to look your best you should always buy an outfit that will suit your body shape.


Many women can be confused about just which body shape they have, as it isn’t really an exact science, but if you take your measurements and then analyse them you should be able to see which shape you have. All of these body shapes have their individual pros and cons to them, but no matter which shape you are you will be able to work with what you’ve got to ensure you look amazing. There are styles to suit every single body shape out there and knowing your body shape is the key to understanding what will look good on you.


Dressing an Hourglass Figure

If you have a small waist and your hips and chest are equal, you are an hourglass.

If you have an hourglass shape you will be able to wear almost anything, as this shape is often thought of as the easiest to dress.

The main thing that you will want to stay away from is baggy clothing, as this can hide your gorgeous curves.

Bodycon dresses and skater dresses are ideal for this shape.


Dressing a Pear-Shaped Body

If your hips are larger than your waist and your chest, you are a pear shape.

Pear shapes will want to balance out their shape by drawing the eye up the body and away from their larger lower half.

This can be done with the use of shoulder pads, frills and texture.

Wearing a brighter colour on the top half of the body can also help.


Dressing an Apple-Shape

Apple shapes have a larger stomach with smaller hips and a large chest.

Apple shapes should create a waist by wearing belts on their waist.

Tailored dresses and wrap dresses can help, as these dresses can nip in the waist.

Flatter a Boyish Figure

How To Flatter a Boyish Figure

Athletic types, sometimes referred to as a boyish figure, have quite an undefined waist and a small chest, making it look like they have the same measurements for their chest, waist and hips.

Athletic body shapes will also want to define their waistline. This can be done by wearing belts around the waist and by wearing dresses with pleats and ruched detailing. Triangle body shapes are the ideal model for peplum dresses, tops and jackets, as they can add curves to the hips to create the illusion
of an hourglass figure.