Need To Get In Shape Quickly?

Working out at the gym regularly and eating a controlled diet are the way to go to get in shape – but what if you haven’t quite got to the shape you really want for a special event? There is another option that costs no time and can be fairly inexpensive. Women can use shape wear to firm up what they already have, and smooth it out so they can look their very best at all times.

Find the Proper Shapewear Fit

How to find a fit that provides a smoother, more comfortable fit that still controls.


Choosing Shapewear

If you’re still not sure about shape wear this guide by Simply Yours tells you how to buy, how to put on, and what the different styles can do for you.


When shopping for shape-wear you will find that there are two basic designs available to you:

  • First there is the panty girdle, and these are for women who just want a little shaping around the hips and thighs.
  • Then there are the extender girdles that give women more firming up in the tummy and mid section of their body.

Both of these girdles are trying to smooth out lumps and firm up tissue to give a look for a woman that they are slim, trim, and sleek in these areas.

Some Tips

  • A body shaper girdle utilizes elastic materials and sometimes straps with adjustable hooks so that you can adjust the fit the way you want.
  • A waist girdle has an extended section of shaping material to help flatten out the stomach area while at the same time slimming down the hips. Some of these girdles are even padded in some areas, and for very slim and trim women this can give them added volume in strategic areas.
  • A body shaping girdle that extends all the way up to the breasts helps to accentuate the size you already have up there.
  • Some models of body shapers flatten out the hip area. These girdles look like short legged pants, and they really help to give a woman that trim rounded effect in the hips and thighs. These girdles are especially helpful for the times you are wearing a close fitting dress or some tight designer jeans.
  • There are also maternity girdles available for women who are pregnant and need some extra support in the lower back area. This allows women who are pregnant to feel pretty, sexy and still feel comfortable at the same time.