Look Slim in Photos

Don’t let the camera add those unfair pounds when you are being photographed. Check out the very useful tips in this video.


Quick Tips

  1. It’s all about posture, stand up straight, booty out, tummy in! Instant weight loss – try it! It does make a dramatic difference. You’ll look and feel better about yourself and you’ll exude self assurance and confidence.
  2. Wear heels, especially if you are small and you have an instant leg extension! Try to find a pair of heels that are comfortable and that you can walk in. The whole of point of wearing heels is that they give your legs the illusion of being longer, so be aware of any thick ankle straps, they will break up the length of your legs and make them appear shorter.
  3. When you are sitting down, instead of placing your legs directly underneath your knees, put them 10 – 15cm to the side and your legs will look much longer!
  4. Straighten your back when you are sitting down, hunching is never a good look, no matter how long your legs appear to be.
  5. It’s natural to want to keep your arms really close to you, however this can make your arms look fatter than they really are. To combat the mysterious giant fat arms disease simply bend your elbows slightly and point them away from the body a touch, 5cm or so, rest your hand by your hip or upper thigh.
  6. Do you look best facing to the front or do you look better if you turn your head slightly to the left, or maybe to the right? It is a subjective thing, but you will know what is best for you simply by observing yourself in the mirror. Most people look better with their face tilted down slightly, it gives you a more defined jawline.