Beef Sandwich

Crusty bread, peppery arugula and fresh shaved Parmesan cheese makes cold roast beef taste like a gourmet sandwich. This is perfect for lunch on the go and if you pack along some fruit for dessert you have a quick and tasty meal. The video shows you how to make Italian Roast Beef Sliders using simple ingredients. They take just minutes to prepare and are packed with flavour. However the lowercalorie recipe uses pre-cooked lean roast beef, perfect to use if you have any left over from the Sunday roast!


~ Roast Beef, Arugula and Shaved Parmesan on a Baguette ~


  • 2.75 oz baguette or French bread
  • 2 oz lean roast beef
  • 1/2 cup baby arugula (rocket)
  • 0.25 oz shaved Parmesan
  • fresh cracked pepper


  1. Slice bread in half and layer with roast beef, arugula, shaved Parmesan and fresh cracked pepper.


  • Make the sandwich using crusty bread like a baguette or French bread, which is a perfect fat free bread option as French baguettes contain flour, water, salt, and yeast and nothing else.
  • Scoop out some of the inside of the bread, which will allow you to make a larger sandwich, and it leaves room for the meat and lettuce.

Serves: 1 – Nutrition Per Serving
Calories: 284, Fat: 5g, Protein: 22g, Carbohydrate: 36g, Fibre: 2g,