Hot Body Makeover

If you want to make a change this year you have to start taking action now and this 4-week workout routine will help you to achieve a fitter and hotter body in 2020!



  1. In Out Squat Jacks
  2. Ice Skater
  3. Narrow Squat Thrust
  4. In and Out Jumps
  5. Shoulder Tap Push-up
  6. Row & Twist

Goal: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds continuously without resting. Complete a total of 3 sets. Rest for 30 seconds in between sets.

Workout Duration: 10 minutes (without warm-up and cool down).

Equipment: A pair of dumbbells (3 – 5kgs each), yoga mat

Estimated Calories Burned: 100 – 130 Calories (3 sets)

Progression: To progress, increase the weights used, increase to 4 sets, speed up the workouts but still maintaining proper form.