Why Are You Overeating?

Reviewing your eating habits can help identify where you got stuck, discouraged, or overwhelmed, and as a result used food to ‘fix it.’ Think about the situations when you over consume food, and come up with a strategy, so you can be prepared for those situations.

Why Do We Overeat?


Tricks to Help You Eat Less

Tricks to Help You Eat Less

If you are looking for ways to avoid overeating, and stop binge eating, these strategies will help you out.



  • Drink a glass of water before a meal as this is going to take the edge of your hunger and encourage you to eat more slowly and turn allowing the sugar in your food to hit your bloodstream which is going to trigger the sensation of fullness.
  • Eat with the opposite hand as it will slow you down and any tendency to shovel food in will disappear.
  • Don’t eat standing up or in front of the TV – this always leads to mindless munching.
  • Chew your food 15 to 20 times – it aids in digestion and slows down your eating.
  • Try fibre supplements to add bulk to your food, which is going to help to fill you up and slow down your eating.