Tips To Get A Flat Stomach

Flat tummies may seem like a distant possibility, especially if you have made many attempts to shed excess flab off your midsection and not succeeded. This video gives you some helpful tips about how to get a flat stomach.


Perseverance and determination are essential in insuring fitness success are you ready to get that flat tummy.

Follow these tips:

  1. Make changes in your diet – You cannot hope to lose on inch of your midsection, no matter how much you work out, if you eat large meal portions and foods that are sugary, salty and greasy.
    To make the transition to healthy eating easier, go for healthier versions of the food do you enjoy.
  2. Your food plate must be colourful, which means it’s filled with vegetables and fruits. Meat should be moderate sized portions (about the size of your fist) and try to opt for chicken or fish instead of red meat.
  3. Avoid frying your food as this infuses more oil into your meals. Instead grill, steam or bake your food. Many veggies can be eaten raw or blanched. You can also use your greens and fruits for a fibre-rich nutritious drink.
    Rather than buying fruit juice at the supermarket make your own.
  4. Divide big meals into multiple smaller meals as feeding your body frequently throughout the day keeps your metabolism burning, helping you burn fat effectively.

    Just make sure that the calorie content of your meals adds up to the recommended daily calorie intake for a person with your BMI.

  5. Make changes in your life style – aim to sleep early and avoid snacking late at night.

    If your work does call for some late nights make sure you get about seven hours a sleep. If there are days when this is not possible, take power naps to make up for the lost sleep.

  6. Avoid alcoholic beverages as they pack in the calories and can also make you feel bloated which doesn’t exactly help you flatten your stomach.
  7. Do aerobic and strengthening exercises. Run, swim, bike or dance and complement these activities with muscle enhancing workouts such as lifting weights and doing bodyweight exercises
  8. Set a time frame on how long you have to get a flat stomach.

    Give yourself about three months, depending on your fitness level, health condition and age, to achieve your goal.