Portion Control & Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a challenge. By implementing simple portion control into your diet, you’re going to feel better, eat fewer calories, and look amazing. One of the first places we can become portion aware is restaurants. Restaurants often serve portions that are three times the size of what’s considered healthy. Here are some tips about portion control for weight loss.


Tips To Become Portion Aware

  • Before eating, divide the plate – Fill one side with fruits or vegetables, leaving the rest for equal parts protein and starch. This way, you begin to see what a properly balanced meal looks like.
  • If you eat until your plate is clean, make sure those plates are modestly sized. On a standard 8 to 10 inch dinner plate, a portion of spaghetti looks like a meal. On a 12 to 14 inch dinner plate, it looks meagre, so you’re likely to dish out a bigger portion to fill the plate.
  • TV distracts you from how much you’re eating, and the more you watch, the more you’re likely to eat. So don’t eat while watching TV!.
  • If you pour cranberry juice into two glasses of equal volume: one short and wide, the other tall and thin, most people will pour more cranberry juice into the short glass because the eye is a poor judge of volume in relation to height and width. So think before you drink!
  • Not all portion control strategies are about eating less. You can have as much as you want of some foods. Place the foods you want your family to eat more of, for example, salads and vegetable sides, within easy reach on the table.