Make Positive Changes

Today we have some simple ways to bring a positive change in your lifestyle and keep you fit and healthy. Don’t wait until you lose weight to change your attitude about your appearance. No matter what your body is like, the chances are, that there is something you would change about it if you could. Even celebrities and models have something they dislike – their feet, their hands, their ears. This video has some simple ideas that could change the way you view your body.

Love Your Body


What If You Could Change The Way You Look?

Look at your body as a whole and remember that most of the images you see on television, movies and magazines are not real. A model for a magazine cover goes through hours of professional hair and make-up, has professional stylists, top photographers who know her “best side,” professional lighting, and that’s all before the chosen photo goes to a company where they remove stray hairs, wrinkles, blemishes and “extra” curves using airbrushing.

In this video four women were asked to participate in a Photoshop experiment. Their reactions to the results may surprise you.