Foods That Burn Belly Fat

To shed excess abdominal fat remember that you need a diet plan that includes foods with the right quantity of vitamins and other essential ingredients. Including high fibre foods in your diet can make you feel full and helps those extra kilos stay at bay. These foods can stave off hunger pangs and give you energy for the whole day.


Some Tips

  • Focus on high fibre foods – eating more fibre will keep you fuller between meals as well as helping you to snack less.
  • Exercise helps to dramatically reduce weight – try to move more in general.
  • De-stress – Cutting stress levels helps to eliminate fat build up in the gut, so learn some techniques to deal with stress.
  • Don’t binge or starve yourself – when you eat too little or starve yourself, the body starts to store fat instead of burning it.
  • Sugary drinks like fizzy drinks, sweet tea and fruit juices can add a lot of empty calories.
  • Cut down on salt – salt absorbs water and makes you feel bloated.