Make Your Hips Look Slimmer

We all have certain areas of our body that we feel conscious about and if you are looking for ideas to dress in order to flatter your body type then these tips may help. Having wide hips is not always about being overweight, it may just be the natural shape of your body and your bone structure and if certain types of clothing can make you feel more confident, then why not give it a try!


If your hips are not your favourite part of your body and you want to downsize them, it’s about creating a sense of balance and this video tells you more.


Some Tips

  1. If your bust and shoulders are smaller than your hips, then add bulk to your top part by wearing a padded bra or wear high cut necklines that create the illusion that your bust and shoulders are bigger than they are.
  2. Flared hems balance your hips. When your hem is the widest point, it makes you hips look narrow in comparison. Flared hems also work well in trousers; bootleg, wide leg, straight leg or even slim leg works better than skinny cuts when you want to de-emphasis your hips.
  3. Side panels in a dress can shave centimetres off your hips, especially if the side panels are darker than the rest of the dress.