Keep Your Feet Warm

Having cold feet is just defence mechanism – when the brain sense coldness creeping into the toes, it cuts off the warm blood to your feet to be able to protect the rest of your body from being cold. While this method may be good for the rest of your body, it makes it very hard for your toes.


Your toes are the most vulnerable part of your body when it comes to the cold. Keep them – and the rest of your feet – toasty with these steps.


  1. Sweaty feet become cold feet after a few hours in cold weather. Make sure your feet are dry before you put your socks on.
  2. Slide on a pair of cotton socks. Make sure they’re not wool or synthetic: Both can trap moisture.
  3. Smooth out the wrinkles in your socks so they don’t jam between your toes.
  4. Slip on your waterproof shoes or boots.
  5. Go ahead – walk right through that puddle. Just bring along an extra pair of socks in case your boots aren’t as waterproof as you thought.


  • Consider using thin, lightweight socks. Thin socks can actually keep your feet warmer because they don’t cause you to sweat as much.
  • Make sure your shoes or boots fit well. Shoes that are too big or small can make your feet cold, either by letting in air and water, or by cutting off circulation.