Keep Warm And Look Good!

It may be Spring but it can still be cool at this time of year and it can be daunting to keep warm and look stylish at the same time. So today we have some tips on how to look good while staying warm and dry.


How to style coats, scarves, hats and gloves to look chic while staying warm.


How To Layer

This video will show you how to layer your clothes and stay warm.


Some Tips

  • Invest in a sturdy and fashionable winter jacket. Choose one that looks good on you and be sure to buy a coat that is appropriate for your area’s weather.
  • Buy a versatile and cute hat. Although it’s better if you have different styles and colours of hats, having one main-stay can instantly pull together your look.
  • One way you can protect yourself and keep yourself looking fashionable is with a scarf. Not only are they fairly inexpensive, they can be purchased in a variety of fabrics, colours, and styles.
  • Nothing is less stylish than dry, chapped hands, which is exactly what you’ll have if you don’t wear gloves! Find a pair that suits your outfit and the weather for maximum comfort. Your gloves should either match you hat or scarf, or fit the colour scheme of your outerwear in some way.
  • Layering your “inside” clothes will help keep you warm – you could try wearing a camisole under a t-shirt; or your favourite tank top under a thin, long sleeved shirt.
  • Wear tights and thermal leggings whenever you wear a skirt or dress. Just like scarves, leggings and tights come in many different varieties, so it is nearly impossible not find a pair that will work with your outfit.