Instant EyeLift Secrets

To get great looking eyes, you’ve got to start with great looking eyebrows. They are the frame for your eyes, and when they look great your whole face will look a lot better. This video has some tips that can make you look years younger.


Here are some tricks that you can use to hide shadows and wrinkles, and instantly lift sagging eyes.

  1. Add a dab of concealer under both eyes to minimize shadows and sagging. Choose a moisturising concealer that won’t dry up and flake away from skin. Instead of a concealer, a tinted moisturiser that keeps skin nourished may work just as well for the under eye area.
  2. If you are over 50 get rid of the dark eye liners and look for lighter shades instead. Choose something with a bit of sparkle and shimmer to it to draw more light to the eyes, and instantly lift them up. The lighter liner will make your eyes look wider and whiter, diminishing puffiness. For blue eyes, choose champagne-coloured or white liner shades. Green eyed girls should gravitate toward pinker tones to bright up their eye colour, and brown-eyed girls will wake up their eyes if they choose silvery or blue shades.
  3. When applying eye shadow, go all the way up to the crease of the eye. If you put a darker colour in the crease and a lighter colour over the lid, you’ll immediately create a shadow effect that helps make your eyes look bigger and livelier.
  4. If you are over 50 avoid very dark colours when applying your eye shadow, because they’ll only make wrinkles stand out. Choose light shades with a little shimmer to them instead, and always apply in a sweeping motion moving toward the brow bone.