Colours For Your Skin Tone

Does the lipstick you just bought really suit you? Determine if you are cool skin toned, like Katy Perry, warm skin toned like Charlize Theron or neutral! Knowing your skin tone will make it easier to shop for colours in clothing and for picking the right hair colour as well. Get the most flattering hues for you with these tips.


Some Tips

  • Assess your skin tone as either cool or warm. Hold a white sheet of paper up to your face to identify the main colour you see in your skin. If you’re still confused, put on a white blouse and then a cream-coloured blouse. If you look better in the white, you’re more likely to be cool-skinned and if the cream one is more flattering, you have a warm skin tone.
  • Choose a foundation and powder with blue or pink undertones if you have cool skin. Warmer skin tones should wear a yellow-based powder and foundation.
  • Go for a pink, beige, or tawny-hued blush if you have cool skin. Warm tones look best in plums, auburn, copper, or bronze. If you have tan skin, try peaches, corals, apricots, and oranges. Cool tones should generally avoid earth tones, which work best on warm skin tones.
  • Select lipsticks and lip liners based on their dominant colour. If they’re primarily warm red, brown, magenta, or purple, they’ll look great against warm skin. Cool skin will come alive with orangey red, light purple, and pink.
  • Choose white, silver, gray, pale blue, purple, or dark green eye shadow if you have cool skin. Warm skin will look great in bronze, coral, red, pink, cream, light brown, and soft green.
  • Wear clothing colours that flatter everyone, regardless of skin tone or even hair colour, due to the fact that they fall in the middle of the colour spectrum – not too cool or too warm. They are eggplant, Indian Teal, true red, and soft rose — which is between light pink and peach.