Inner Thigh Workout

Unlike most thigh routines this routine intensively focuses on the inner thigh with every exercise using multiple assisting muscle groups in the process, so not only will you tone and shape your inner thigh but you will also get some residual toning throughout the body. This routine is intended to be used only 3 to 4 times per week, using it more than this is not recommended because it is so focused on just one muscle group. Coupling this workout with cardio, abs or upper body routines is a great way to burn extra calories, and help increase fat loss if needed.


5 Minute Inner Thigh Workout:

  • Tap Dancer: (Left & Right) This exercise is done standing and focuses on the inner thigh and the hip flexor as you lift your knee and rotate your thigh to get the inner thigh to engage.
  • Inside Thigh Raise Pulse: (Right & Left) Lying on your left side you lift your left leg as high as you can, using short pulses at the top of the range of motion; this focuses completely on the inner thigh.
  • Inside Thigh Raise: (Right & Left) This exercise is identical to the previous exercise with the exception of the motion of the leg. Instead of a short pulse you use as much range of motion as you can without touching the ground.
  • Scissor Kicks: Laying on your back with your legs anywhere from 45 to 90 off the ground, kick you legs out wide then cross them over top of each other making sure to alternate which foot is on top each time. This targets not only the inner thigh but also the Quadriceps (top of the thigh), hip flexors (front of hip joint), outside thigh, and abdominals.
  • Supine Leg Drops: (Left & Right) Lying on your back keep your right leg straight up over your hip and drop your left leg off to the left side of your body as low as you can without touching the ground. This exercise used similar muscles to the scissor kicks but also engages the obliques and shoulders for stabilization.