Why Eat A High Fibre Diet?

One of the best side effects of eating a high-fibre diet is that you may find it easier to maintain or even lose weight. There are several reasons why dietary fibre is so good at this. Foods high in fibre are usually healthier and lower in calories. High-fibre foods take longer to chew and tend to prolong eating time. Eating more slowly allows your body enough time to begin to experience feelings of fullness so that you are less likely to overeat.

Why Eat More High Fibre Foods?


High Fibre Foods


You have a wide range of high fibre foods to choose from so you should never be bored.

Try avocado, brown rice, lentils, barn cereal, oats, apples with skin, soya beans, olives, raspberries, green peas, blue berries, whole wheat pasta, dried figs, papaya, boiled potato with skin, cabbage, pistachio nuts, oranges and all kinds of beans for burning fat.

Consume anything on this list that tickles your taste buds.

High fibre foods do not make you fatter by an inch. Instead fibre helps to burn those additional pounds.