Sleep & Weight Loss

Have you ever found yourself in your bed at night, rolling around and not being able to fall asleep knowing you have an important day the next day?

If you are frustrated by lack of weight loss despite your healthy eating habits and daily exercise, lack of sleep can affect your ability to lose weight.

A lot of people don’t realize that lack of sleep can inhibit your body’s ability to lose fat. Lack of sleep causes leptin levels to drop which means that your brain doesn’t get the message that your stomach is full.

Sleep & Weight Loss


Sleep Better

As sleep is crucial to our health and wellness; getting a great night’s sleep every night is important. This video gives you some top tips on how to sleep better and get all the refreshing sleep you need.


There are five factors that affect your body’s ability to be able to release energy from food, they are: eating, exercising, stress, drinking water and sleep.