Lies About Fat Loss

There is no one best way to lose weight, but there are a lot of diet and exercise myths when it comes to fat loss. Learn about some of the lies about fat loss that have been preventing you from losing weight.



  • Low carb diets are popular as people seem to get fast results, because when you cut carbs you’re going to drop a lot of water weight fast. This makes a lot of people feel good about the diet because they immediately notice pounds coming off the scale and their whole body will become less puffy because of less water retention. The problem with low-carb dieting is that you may feel a lack of energy and even feel sick if you cut carbs too low.
  • It does not matter whether you eat one meal a day or 6 meals a day, for the purposes of burning fat.

No matter how many meals you have, if you are maintaining a calorie deficit you should be burning fat.