Cooking Low Calorie Meals

Using light and delicious in the same context can sound a little suspicious to some people. However, only a little effort on your part is needed to make this attainable. Vegetables are the centrepiece of healthy cooking. Naturally low in calories and high in nutritional value, they can be easily made into meals that are surprisingly tasty.


  • Steaming, sautéing and stir frying are the healthiest cooking ways when it comes to keeping vitamins and minerals and maximizing flavour without adding extra calories.
  • Raw vegetables are also a good source of fibre.
  • If you thought that only dishes with meat in them contained protein, you were wrong. Part-skim cheeses, tofu and beans are alternatives, plus they are low on fat.
  • Whatever ingredients you use, always make sure that they are fresh.
  • Use a lower amount of ingredients like salt, creams and oils, as they add extra calories. Try instead using raw herbs, spices and natural vinegars. All these ingredients will enrich your recipes.
  • Some of the most user-friendly low fat dinners are colourful and creative salads.
  • A salad with chilled soup and whole-grain bread or crackers offers a satisfying meal for people on a diet or anybody searching for a healthy, high-energy option to greasy fast food.
  • Make your own salad dressings by pureeing fresh vegetables like tomatoes, celery, bell peppers and onion and mixing them with seasoned vinegar and fresh herbs and spices.
  • Phase out products which are fat-heavy and start replacing them with their low fat counterparts.

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