Find The Right Bikini

It will soon be time to think about getting ready to hit the beach! There are swimsuits for just about any body type. In this video you can see the different styles on offer and which body types match up best.


Some Tips:

  • If your chest is flat and you feel self-conscious about it, try a style that has a built-in push-up bra. Your best bet for style is a triangle or bandeau top with ruffles and lots of detailing, bright colours and patterns. These details will take attention away from what you don’t have and focus on what you do have.
  • If you have a large bust, your first priorities are coverage and support. Underwire or support cups will give you a worry-free structure. Cross back straps provide extra support. You may also want to minimize your bust by accenting other areas like hips and waist. Look for a V-neck to make you look narrower. A single deep colour like royal blue, dark purple, cranberry or black will also minimize your bust and play up your assets.
  • If you are self-conscious about your bottom or hips, try a swimsuit with a boy cut bottom or a skirted bikini. These are both fun and playful styles that hide the areas which make you feel uncomfortable and give you room to move and play.
  • To make your midsection look smaller and make your legs look longer, steer clear of styles that are tight around your stomach. Draped fabrics, small ruffles and other details around the midsection help minimize your tummy.
  • If you have an athletic figure try a cut-out swimsuit. Not enough material to be called a one-piece but technically it is only one piece, cut holes in the stomach, back or sides show off your assets while playing down any areas that feel too wide or muscular to bare completely.