Autumn & Winter Fashion 2017

We are heading for the part of the year with cooler temperatures and the plus size fashion challenge is, that we now have the opportunity to wear lots of layers and garments to keep warm, but with so much bundling going on, we can end up looking even bigger than we really are! So what is trending for autumn & winter 2017?


Some Tips – It can be challenging to get layering, boots and chunky knits to look right.

  1. Chunky knits are supposed to be loose and over-sized, not too tight – a tight chunky knit sweater will do nothing for your look.
  2. Chunky knit scarves create bulk – so if you add a scarf, keep the knit in proportion to what you’re wearing.
  3. Wear a jacket that zips or buttons up without gaping! Wearing a chunky knit sweater under a tighter-fitting jacket will cause it not to zip or button at all.
  4. Boots should fit smoothly with no bumps, pulls, stretches, or binding points. Take your measurements, and know the measurement of the widest part of your calf and then make sure that your boots meet that measurement.
  5. Boots should always compliment your outfit – not be the distraction.