Time To Ditch The Tights?

Summer is almost here and you may soon need to be ready for an impromptu trip to the beach or walk in the park. That means your legs should be silky smooth at all times, so you can slip on a cute sun dress or a pair of shorts and be ready for summer fun in no time.


Steps To Try

  1. Lower humidity in winter reduces moisture in our skin. Use an exfoliator to stimulate circulation. Apply Moisture Shower Oil in the shower, rinse off, then apply body moisturiser.
  2. Remove any winter leg hair by waxing or epilating.
  3. A golden tan makes legs look slimmer, and there’s a new generation of self-tans that don’t streak.
    Start the season with a subtle honey-like glow before going darker in July and August.
  4. Studies say 90 per cent of us have cellulite. The lazy option is an Epsom salt bath. The salts are full of magnesium which reduces cellulite.
  5. Two weeks of toning can make all the difference to your legs.