Choosing A Wedding Dress – Helpful Tips

As a bride, there are so many things that you have to think about during the wedding planning process. Choosing the right dress for you depends on a lot of different factors – when the wedding is taking place, the wedding style or theme, and what style you want for your dress.

This helpful short video explains precisely how to pick a wedding gown, and will help you get good at choosing the right dress.

Helpful Tips

  • Set The Budget Try not to look at dresses that are out of your price range, unless you plan on going over budget. If you don’t, then use top of the range gowns as inspiration for a less expensive design, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.
  • Pick a Partner Go for your first appointment with an open mind and a helpful friend or your mum. Just take one person with you – any more and the experience can be a little overwhelming and confusing.
  • Be Open-Minded Try on various styles of dress. You may find that a style you think won’t suit you actually looks fabulous!
  • Consider Practicalities and Accessories If you want to a wear a veil, for example, try one on with the dress. Equally, put your hair up if you think that’s how you’d like to wear it on the day.
  • Don’t Rush Don’t be rushed into any decisions. If you think you’ve found ‘the one’, you can always go away and think about it before making your mind up. Think things through.

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